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Assalamualaikum and Hi !!

I'm Shila Elisya and just called me Amoy. I am the author behind this blog. A self proclaimed girl from Selangor, Malaysian. I'm a twenty-sixth years old but feels forever twenty-one and till now i'm still being "Anak manja" my dad. Just a really normal girl with a normal family background. Currently i'm working at private company.

Am the girl with the mind that never sleeps and a dreamer. Writing is my passion even I does not active in blogger but always writing in my cute book. Am started blogging since 2010, blogging in Malay due i'm not fluent in English. There are certain things that I used in English but seriously I can't interpret my idea in English because I think it will limit my ability to writing. Am still learning, from time to time, will to improve my English. (InsyaAllah)

I'm blogging about my life routines, travel, beauty and lifestyle. I am cats lover, I have many cats in my house and regularly post about them in my social network along with other behind the scene daily snaps in my life. I am coffee lover, love to travel and hopefully one day I will be able to visit all countries around the World.. for it is my dreams. Also, I love Sunflower and Tulips. I love K-pop and K-drama as well.

I really love beauty products, especially makeup. It all started when my friend ask to makeup her face and seeing the tutorial at Youtube channel especially kathleenlight and Jaclynhill. Since it interest me about beauty product and I google about beauty product to learn more about them before purchasing. Currently I dabbled in collecting items of beauty product to be my makeup collections and also advising on beauty review (newbie). XOXO

Thank you so much for dropping by my blog. Come on join to my little place where I share all things that I love, what's happening and maybe my life journey here. I hope you've enjoy reading my stories in my blogged. XD.

Lots of Love 

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Anonymous said...

yaww~~minat Kpop jugak kerr...huhu....annyeonghaseyo chingu....

MissAnt here..let's us be pro photographer yaww....^__^

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